We believe that every member has a gift to contribute and should find their place in ministry for the building up and edifying of the body of Christ. The East Jackson Church of Christ appreciates your willingness to serve and remember, you can make a difference.

Youth Ministry
Worship Ministry
Education Ministry
Young Adults Ministry
Audio-Visual Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Culinary Ministry
Outreach Ministry
  •  Benevolence
  •  Soul Seekers   
  •  Laborers For Christ
Involvement Ministry
  •  L-I-F-E Groups
  •  Sisters-In-Action 
  •  Brother's Keepers
Inside Facilities Ministry
Outside Facilities Ministry

All Zones will meet on the first Wednesday night of each month.
  • Zone 1 will meet in the Fellowship Hall
  • Zone 2 will meet in room 207
  • Zone 3 will meet in room 212
  • Zone 4 will meet in room 211
The fellowship hall will be for overflow, fellowship meals or when two Zones meet together.







  Consistently about the business of Bridging Across to -

  Bring Them In:        I will be an Example    •      I will be Evangelistic

  To Be of Benefit:     I will exert Effort          •      I will work Effectually

  Bridging Across:     I will Exalt God             •      I will Extend a Hand

All to the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:18-20 •  Ephesians 4:11-16; 3:20-21