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East Jackson Church of Christ Action Plan & Response

for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

- Additional Information -

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In the wake of all the conversation going on regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19, we want everyone to be as informed as possible and encourage all of us to make wise and responsible decisions based on facts.


The first thing we want to note is that we are NOT in panic mode.  Instead we are in Proactive and Preventative mode.

Most of us have seen, read and heard the common sense things suggested that we do to minimize exposure and possible spread of the virus.


The first thing we as Christians should do is PRAY.  The second thing we should do is PRAY. The third thing Christians should do is PRAY.


Of Course as a practical matter we should all follow the recommendations of the CDC and other health organizations and do the following:

  • Wash hands often

  • Use sanitizer

  • Avoid rubbing our eyes, nose and mouth areas

  • Limit contact with others


The elders and ministers met last week to determine a course of action for the East Jackson Congregation. 


First we want to stress, as is noted in the Journal  --  please refrain from as much personal contact as possible.  We all want to greet each other and show our love for each other but we should do that without our customary hand shake or hugs and kisses.  We believe it is better not to even fist or elbow bump.  We can show our greeting with a simple visual and verbal acknowledgement.  A “good morning”, “a nod”, “a wave”.


And please don’t be offended if someone doesn’t reciprocate your offer of a handshake, hug, etc.  It’s all done to try to keep us safe.


We want the congregation to know that we have increased our sanitation schedule.  We are wiping down, door knobs, the back of pews, song books, etc. before each assembly.  We have employed extra staff to accomplish this.


We ALSO realize that the fewer times we assemble the fewer times we risk potential exposure and the fewer times there is a need to sanitize and re-sanitize.

Therefore we made the decision to implement the following, effective now:

  1. We have cancelled our Spring Meeting and Young Adult activity.  Bothers Williams and Walker have been notified.

  2. We are suspending our Monday night Men’s and Ladies sessions and also our Thursday morning session.

  3. Our Senior Saints Tuesday meetings are also cancelled for now.

  4. Additionally, we have suspended all nursing home visits until further notice.

  5. We have relaxed our seating requests to allow for more expanded seating including use of the balcony.

  6. We have put together a Medical Advisory Team made up of medical professionals from this congregation.

  7. We will continue to “Cautiously” provide funeral services.  But we will not have repast meals.  Instead we will try to accommodate the bereaved family with food and other support at their homes.


Again we Stress limiting, actually ELIMINATING, handshakes, hugs, kisses and other forms of Physical contact when greeting. 


Something we didn’t mention earlier but needs to be stressed is IF YOU ARE SICK – STAY AWAY !!!!!


The leadership will continually monitor and make decisions based on scientific information and recommendations provided by the CDC, other relevant, reliable agencies and organizations including our own East Jackson Team of Medical Advisors.


Be assured that the health and well-being of all East Jackson members is imperative to us and we will factor in all information to determine recommendations regarding future events and meetings.


The Leadership

"...the churches of Christ salute you!"  - Romans 16:16

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